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JP Morgan & Ethereums ConsenSys = FRAUD


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King Solomon has a kind of good follow up to the above and shows you just how deep the ETH gate rabbit hole goes:-

If you haven't seen this DAI vid, then it will flesh out exactly what is being described in this thread.

It boils down to this JPMorgan and friends wanted to create a monopoly for ETH (a pay to play economic system), they could both profit massively from and control, at the expense of the rest of the crypto industry. With the help of their friends at the SEC, Stop Ethereums Competition.

But DAI + the XRP army, along with John Deaton and Empower Oversight have dug up enough dirt, to rumble their despicable plot. Now it's up to US to carry this through to the finish line and keep putting the spotlight on this anyway we can. Take to social media, spread the word, kick up such a stink that those in power have to deal with it in the right way (for once).

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