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Replimake (RepliDAO) will disrupt the control that corporations have over tech by building a platform for engineers and hobbyists to collaborate, design, and offer alternative tech products to anyone.


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What is Replimake?

A Marketplace

Replimake seeks to be a marketplace for engineers and hardware hackers to collaborate, design, and offer electronic products for sale as file packages in the form of an NFT. Engineers will be able to post completed projects that include 3D printable enclosures, circuit board designs, and completed software files in a standardized way so that anyone can understand and replicate them. On our platform, a user can seek out a product and have all of the pieces necessary to build that product at home. We are hoping that replimake will not only give engineers a place to offer high-quality high-tech products at a lower cost, but also offer specialized products that might not make sense for a larger company to mass-produce. The range of products offered on Replimake will only be limited by the minds of our community.

A Community

Replimake also seeks to build a community that attracts engineers to collaborate to make these products better and better. We are a global community and it is our goal to have engineers from all over the world work together to design the best products possible. Engineers will be also be allowed to fork product files, endorse products, or stake tokens as a bounty for a new project that they would like to see on the site! Our smart contracts will keep track of forked projects. This will ensure that the original designers, engineers, and even the bounty stakers are compensated and thanked, as their original ideas sell and evolve within the community. We hope that every product on replimake will be a living and breathing project that will grow and change over time.

Why are y’all doing this?

We are doing this with the hope that high-quality tech products can become available to everyone without having to foot the bill for the nametag. We would like Replimake to contain a full catalog of transparent tech products independent from large corporations and managed completely by the community at large. We are confident that our community will not only build amazing and unique projects but will also build quality devices for communities that larger brands think are not profitable enough to build for. Our hope is that our community will come together to also build specialized products for the physically challenged and underprivileged. We will do this, and we will break down the barriers of cost to quality for everyone on Earth.

Ok makes sense, but what is RepliDAO?

RepliDAO: https://juicebox.money/#/p/replidao

Well a DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. RepliDAO is a DAO for the replimake project. That means we are a collection of people that coordinate online in a decentralized manner and are united by a common goal. For Replimake our goal is very simple: We seek to decentralize the R&D process for tech items and offer them for download to everyone in the world. Our DAO will be responsible for voting on which projects will be verified on Replimake as a quality product as well as reward amounts given to the creators of those products. Our DAO members will also be required to vote on which of our community bounties are to be officially recognized by the DAO as something needed by the world. This certification will give a reward to the community member that proposed the idea as well as the engineers that make it real. At Replimake we want to reward not just the talented engineers, but also the creative minds that bring forth wonderful ideas.

Who is behind this project?

My name is Colby. I am from Houston, Texas and I am a software and hardware engineer. I have developed many social and defi platforms myself, and I have also been the director of product design for a telecommunications device company. Recently, I have also worked with a layer 1 public chain that was focused on building a blockchain for the future of metaverse applications. I have since stepped down from that project to an advisor role to pursue Replimake as my main focus.

Being involved in hardware development I felt that I was limited in what I could design, because I needed to appeal to a broad audience. As a tech consumer, I’ve felt similar, in that I am limited to derivatives of the same tech products year after year from major brands. There is no variety and there is no excitement. The only innovations I see in things like applied technology are the things I see on the raspberry pi and Arduino subreddits. Unfortunately, oftentimes those projects are made by one person and are not always a perfect out-of-the-box solution. So for the last 3 years, I have been working on the idea of building a platform where the whole community of engineers can collaborate to build useful hardware projects that can be built at home by anyone. I wanted the platform to be easy to understand and each product as standardized as possible. However, at the time I didn’t feel that the idea was completely ready to bring to the public. It took me quite a while to completely develop the idea into what it is today, but I am now confident that this project is attainable and is something that the world needs. Together, with our DAO, I believe that we will bring a large variety of unique and useful items that can be accessible to everyone in the world. LinkedIn

Reddit: r/replimake

Twitter: @Replimake

Discord: Discord

TG: t.me/replimake

Website: https://replimake.com

RepliDAO: https://juicebox.money/#/p/replidao

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