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CORE airdrop started - CORE currently trading at 20 to 1

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Second airdrop to to follow 

One post from Reddit re trading price… 

That's because the airdrop is sending core out from smallest amount to largest, and it's currently at the 0.634064 core point. That's why the price is so high. I'm due to receive around 400 core so will be waiting many more hours for the airdrop to get to the bigger amounts, then you'll see the price drop quite a bit


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1 hour ago, ixarepe said:

Still not received any CORE. I have multiple accounts wich hold SOLO ranging from 100 to 2,000 SOLO. For all I have setup the trustline however all show 0 CORE.

In that thread I posted, I did read one comment that apparently the gifting process is starting with the smallest balances first, working their way upwards. Which would have explained the emergent trading behaviors. 

You could prolly monitor the current transactions, and see what are the current transaction balances.

Remember, the payout is based on the balances at time of the snapshots. 

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4 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

It took several days for my Solo to arrive - maybe nearly a week. Not sure if the CORE arrives on the same trustline setup on top of the SOLO I gained from the first airdrop?

It's my understanding that you need to enable a coreum trustline as well, although I'm admittedly not sure 

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