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Wallet compromised


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Hi … please I need help, I don’t know if my computer was bugged or somehow what. I have xumm wallet with $680k wort of xrp, and another $1k xrp in trust but anytime i tried to transfer..it says master key disabled. 
many help please?? I have the seed and key. 

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If your master key is disabled, and if you don't know the "regular key" or "multi sign keys" that it has been replaced with, then it's unlikely anyone can help, unfortunately.

But if you're willing to give a little more info, perhaps we can get more clarity around the situation?

When was the last time you were able to successfully make a transaction from this wallet?

How did you create the wallet address, did you generate it using Xumm, or another app, or did you purchase the address online, for example...?

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