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Another Win For XRP: Judge Denies SEC’s Letter to Strike Ripple Affirmative Defense


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Analisa Torres, the United States District Judge, has denied the application letter from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to strike out Ripple’s fourth affirmative defense, a move many termed as delay tactics from the regulator.

In the letter, the SEC demanded the court to exercise its discretion in considering its proposed sur-sur-reply in order to “present to the Court highly relevant recent authority that directly refutes the arguments Ripple makes in its Sur-Reply and respond to arguments Ripple makes for the first time in its Sur-Reply.”

Court Denies SEC’s Demand

As described in the letter to Judge Torres, Ripple’s Sur-Reply argues that the court cannot consider the SEC’s public enforcement actions in the crypto ecosystem, which were filed before this lawsuit.

According to the letter, on seventh February 2022, a New Hampshire district court granted the SEC’s motion for judgment on the pleadings and struck an affirmative defense similar to that of Ripple Labs, in a case specifically alleging unregistered offers and sales of digital assets.

However, SEC’s demand to file sur-sur-reply, in a bid to strike out Ripple’s affirmative defense known as sur-reply, has been denied.


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5 minutes ago, willjuZ963 said:

I've been hearing such good news since the last one year, none of them have any effect on the price of the coin. Even if they do, it only lasts for like a day or two ugh!

Welcome to the Twilight zone that is XRP, you never know, but most here are waiting for a utility bull run, not as is, with most cryptos, a speculative gambling game. I believe utility will eventually matter, and it will drive XRP way beyond this price... when is the only question.

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17 hours ago, drumtech1976 said:

But is better then cardano ,cardano ada is now on 8 th place,solana is on 7th place.Cardano was annaunced like  bitcoin killer but just on paper.

Ripple is not just another crypto company - XRP is not just another crypto. Do the research and you will eventually see what the XRP army has known for a very long time, when utility comes to the XRP market, it will detach from the rest of the crypto space in a way that will make everybody's head spin. XRP is a long term strategic investment for most, day traders - can win much bigger elsewhere, but that's gambling.

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