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Hugo gets testy


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Aggressive tweet from Hugo. While I can appreciate his frustration, and understand it must be wearing to have constant “wen flare” griping any time you appear anywhere online, this kind of tweet is not going to change any minds and is only going to antagonize people. The kind of people you reach on Twitter with a single tweet are not the people who are invested in songbird long term, or at least there is less overlap. Everyone who is in on songbird is already doing what they can, and already silently agrees with you. 

Hugo is human, and he’s no doubt under a lot of stress. Also he probably wants this thing to be launched even sooner than we do. I feel bad because he will probably end up just deleting this tweet.

We are behind you Hugo. We haven’t forgotten that you gave us this stuff for free, and that has bought almost infinite patience from many of us. Relax. The community is important but not that important. Remember that Satoshi hasn’t said a word for years and people worship him like a god. The community will be happy when the price goes up, and it will go up.

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