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      WebSite https://cryptoexchanger.org/en
      Bitcointalk (EN): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5368194




Is it required to sign up on your website?

No, it isn't. But if you sign up to use our Service, you'll get a discount for exchange transactions and you'll be able to participate in our referral program.

How do I start an exchange?

Select the exchange direction, fill in the exchange request, specify the exchange amount and address to receive your funds after the exchange, and select the exchange type – Fixed Rate or Best Rate. Click Exchange and follow the instruction in the exchange request confirmation box. If you have any questions during the exchange process, please contact us via our online customer support chat.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We offer a two-level referral program for you to benefit from. Your profit will be a percentage of the crypto exchange transactions completed by those who use your referral link or who you invite. The more exchange transactions they make, the higher your profit will be.

What bonuses can you offer for signing up?

Every registered user has a 5% discount on our Service rate. To use the discount, sign up and activate your account by following the link in an email we send you.

Can I cancel the exchange transaction if I have already paid for the request?

If you have already paid for the request, you cannot cancel it, but you can make a backward exchange. Our Service is automated, so we cannot freeze the transaction in the blockchain once the exchange request has been processed.

I entered the wrong details and did not receive the funds. What shall I do?

We won't be able to make a refund. The only thing we can do is give you the details of where your funds have been sent. Please be careful and check the data you enter, because you are the only one responsible for its accuracy.

Can I make an exchange for the amount greater than the one specified in the reserve?

Yes, you can. However, since the Service has the maximum one-time exchange limit, you can exchange any amount of cryptocurrency by starting several exchange transactions. If you have any issues during the exchange process, please contact us via our online customer support chat.

How long does it take for the exchange to complete?

The expected time of fund receipt for any type of exchange is 5 to 30 minutes, but there can be delays due to plummeting of exchange rates or high loads of the blockchain network.

Can I exchange an amount that is less than the minimum limit or greater than the maximum limit?

No, this is not possible. Our Service has the maximum one-time exchange limit. You can exchange any amount of cryptocurrency by starting several exchange transactions.




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Hmm, interesting, I will try to use your service in the near future. It would be interesting to see reviews about your exchanger from users to finally make sure that this is not a hoax. I'm just not that young and I only recently started to get involved in earning money in the field of cryptocurrency after the pandemic, to be sure that I can stand on my feet in the event of such a danger if I lose my job. My son works at odos.xyz and he often gives me advice, but I once lost $ 3,500 in cryptocurrency because of a similar exchanger where I was deceived, so I would like to make sure that everything is honest. Which of you guys used this exchanger?

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