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Ripple Now an Official Member of Digital Euro Association (DEA): Details


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Ripple, the San Francisco-based cross-border payment firm, is now an official member of the Digital Euro Association (DEA), a think tank specializing in crypto assets, stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and other forms of digital money.

According to the report, the blockchain payment behemoth is listed as a supporting partner and will assist the association in its work on a CBDC pilot. This indicates that Ripple is getting the necessary recognition due to the versatility of its team in the realm of CBDCs.

According to Jonas Gross, chairman of the Digital Euro Association, it’s certain that the new collaboration will be crucial for the adoption of CBDC in various countries across the world.

Jonas Gross noted:

“We are thrilled that, due to the partnership with Ripple, we can extend the technological expertise of the DEA community. As more and more CBDC projects worldwide reach advanced stages, technological design of a CBDC will play a key role for policy-makers in the near future, while previous years focused primarily on research.”


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