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Recently my Etoro account was suspended when I complained about the numerous errors I was encountering...


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Apart from the fact this is a counterproductive way for Etoro to behave - pretending these problems do not exist - serves no one!

It really strikes me as a petty and immature way to respond, and I had expected and hoped for more from Etoro a company I have endeavoured to respect?

However, this leaves me in a real bind, because I can no longer open up any new positions, and this affects my staking tokens.

I recently received an email from Etoro saying I would not receive any Spark Tokens despite the fact they had XRP in my account that the required time, and contrary to their statements in previous emails I would receive Spark Tokens?

I'm also no longer receiving the ADA staking dividend I had before, whatever the correct term for this is?

Therefore can someone assist please, this is a critical situation, and what I feel 'particularly' hurt by is the way shabby way Etoro has behaved towards me, when I went out of my way to fully inform them of the problems I was encountering so these could be resolved and help everyone involved including customers and staff?

I don't deserve to miss out on these Spark Tokens, because it seems Etoro doesn't want to show the maturity to deal with the real problems that the platform, and its customers who use it... face.

Yes, in the email I sent, which seemed to have sparked this response (excuse the pun) I was a bit abrupt, but still remained polite despite the fact that promised emails and phone calls were not being responded to, and some of these problems had even gone on for over a year!

Well you get tired of justifying yourself, and I don't really feel I should have to do when I cared enough about Etoro to expect them to have the maturity and foresight to receive my feedback with the respect and effort it was offered.

Any suggestion please, I really don't wish to lose out on these tokens?

If anything, I'd wish to ensure that Etoro 'listens' to the feedback of its users... to ensure that it gives the best customer care, and seeks this opportunity to reach its full potential?

I feel if anything my feedback has been 'nobbled' and a member of staff has perhaps purposefully misconstrued this, because they did not wish to seriously get to the root cause of these problems. 

Again, withholding the truth serves no one. 

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