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First it's important technically to say that the "memo" on an XRP transaction doesn't have any effect on who receives it. This is different to Stellar, where the memo is used to assign accounts to individuals sharing the same address (such as on exchanges). On XRP, the "tag" is the field designed to be used for this. There's also a memo field, but that's only used for arbitrary notes that aren't intended to affect the processing of the transaction. But I'll answer as if your question is about tags.

Regardless of which tag is used, the XRP will still have been received by the "XRP address". So, if only one person owns the XRP held by the address, then they will receive it no matter what tag you use. You would need to contact the owner of the address if you want them to return the XRP.

If you were sending to something like an exchange account, which required that you use a specific tag to deposit to a particular person's account, then the exchange will receive the XRP, and will decide what to do. Usually, if the tag you mistakenly used is associated with an account on the exchange, then the XRP will be credited to that account, and the exchange is probably unlikely to reverse the transaction. On the other hand, if the tag you used did not happen to belong to any existing accounts on the exchange, then the exchange is likely to agree to refund you the XRP, once you contact them and follow their procedures to convince them that you are the actual owner of the account that sent the XRP.

Ultimately, it's entirely up to the owner of the receiving address (not the tag) to decide what to do. So yes, it may be possible to recover the XRP.

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Ok beautiful thanks I was already leaning that direction what happened essentially was that another individual sent the xrp to my address but what they did was they used the wrong tag they use the tag for a different xrp address I have that went to a different account completely or a different exchange completely so they sent it to one address belonging to one exchange using a tag from another exchange's address belonging to me as well so I don't believe that that exchange will have that specific tag attached to their main address I don't believe anyways doesn't mean they don't but I appreciate your time and effort in creating such a detailed explanation that's very kind of you

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