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XUMM Trade Issue


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I need a suggestion in regard to a computation error on my XUMM wallet. I reached out to XUMM support. I purchased 20,000+ KGE tokens with 13,000 XRP tokens. Roughly the XRP was valued at .60 and the KGE was valued at about .70. My XUMM wallet shows a value in the $100 range. I reviewed all 10 of the XRPSCAN TK Hash reports which support the timing and value. XUMM stated I needed to discuss with XRP Ledger. As it is a community group, I tried emailing support and have not heard back. XUMM told me might have to do with slippage and spread. That is not the case. KGE and XRP pricing at the time of the purchase are available. My KGE in my XUMM wallet continue to carry a value of $236.09 for 43,288.36597896 as of 1.26.22 at 8:50 P.M. MST. The current value for KGE in the XRPL Coin account shows a price of.30. Values over the past couple of weeks has run between 0.74 and 0.21. I'm not sure where to go from here.  Can anyone give me any suggestions? I'm out several thousands of dollars at this time. Thank you...Roc.

1.26.22 @ 12.41 P.M. MST.jpg

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It's possible (although I'm speculating), that Xumm isn't taking the last trade price as the value of the coin; it may be looking ahead in the order books and saying: "If I sold 43,000 KGE in one go right now, how much would I get for it in total?"

The order books are pretty thin, right now as I post, if you sold all of your KGE you would crash the price to 0.001 XRP per KGE. 43,000 KGE at 0.001 XRP would be about 25 USD total, but of course you would be selling most of it above that price, so your total amount would end up significantly higher, but also significantly lower than if you sold them all at current market value.

If you spread out your sales into small batches over a longer period, waiting for the price to recover between sales, you could probably get a lot more value out of them.

Order books visible here: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/KGE:rNhSjAMnDJc9tDHH1R4sqggvgDGa8Bwj5T/XRP?interval=30m&range=1w&type=line


In any case, the USD value that XUMM prints on your screen doesn't change the actual value of the asset, right? It's actually worth whatever the next buyer wants to pay, so if you have a market that will buy it for 0.30, then that's what it'll sell for, regardless of what Xumm says. Buy the key is that only a small amount may sell for that price. 

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