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JAY CLAYTON head of the SEC points to Bill Hinman's speach for guidance on video


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3 minutes ago, brianwalden said:

No, Dick is a nickname for Richard.

Not so fast Brian!  "Bill" is short for William, or "Willy" as it may be... and we all know that a "willy" is a "Johnson", and a "Johnson" is a sausage... and we all know that a "sausage" is  weiner.... and weiners taste great!  Wait, what were we talking about?

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More guidance from the SEC on how digital assets should be viewed, i.e... the tokens themselves are NOT securities:-

The SEC's case against Ripple alleges, XRP is a security WTF. How the hell was Ripple supposed to know, when a regulator puts out this type of mixed up insane set of statements to the market.

Don't know about you, but I see:-


With the SEC mentioned in the background.

The SEC are a bunch of market manipulating liars, full of Self Enriching Criminals.

How is anyone supposed to figure out what the rules are, when you see and hear this?

This is beyond a joke of a case and GG is a Goldman Sachs political puppet, who has zero interest in protecting US investors.

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