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Stolen funds


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understand the current difficult situation. Money was debited from two different wallets to $0.00 yesterday. 


I have made appeals to the security services of Tether, Coinbase and to the support service of Coinbase. 


The next day, funds were found on XRP in full, which corresponded to the amount of debiting from two wallets. 


When trying to convert XRP into Dollars, the status from "processing" changed to "frozen". 


Help me to understand this situation. Maybe someone has faced a similar situation?

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Top Posters In This Topic

If you were on an exchange then contact the exchange.

If they were self custody wallets then take the public address of each wallet (starts with ‘r’ ) and put it in the search field at 




you will see the transactions and they and their destination is clickable.


Good luck with it.  You were most likely scammed.


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