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Wallet problem


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Can you explain what you mean by "no longer works"?

Can you open the app but then get a problem? Or are you looking for an alternative app to download because Toast is no longer available?

If you have "Toast Plus", it's a scam and will steal your XRP.

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The recovery phrase isn't enough, you need the backup file as well. You won't be able to restore to any other wallet without the backup or the secret key.

Can you elaborate on "can't access my XRP"? Can you not log in at all, or can you see it but not send it, or does it display a zero balance or something?

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38 minutes ago, Barack said:

I cannot login because I no longer have the wallet

Ok, I think you're stuck unfortunately. If you only have the recovery phrase, that doesn't contain enough data to reconstruct your wallet, even if you use it with the real Toast application.

If you have a long code beginning with "s" (secret key), or a Toast backup file, then you'll be able to restore it.

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Ah, ok, that's a different thing.

Hopefully your 15 words are the bip39 standard. Here is a way to recover your wallet:

Go to https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ . Save the webpage (right-click -> save as), then move the html file to a computer that is not online, or at least disable your wifi while using the page. Beware that you are taking a risk by entering your 15 words onto a computer, so you should be as safe as possible while doing this. This is at your own risk.

Open the HTML file, select 15 words at the top of the page. Copy your 15 words into the "BIP39 mnemonic" box.

Choose "XRP - Ripple" in the "Coin" box.

Scroll down to the "Derived Addresses" section. Hopefully your XRP wallet address is one of those listed in the "Address" column. If you find it, then copy the Private Key from the same line as your wallet address.


You can use the Xumm app to import your wallet and use it. Install Xumm on your phone. Tell it to Import an account. Choose "Full access", choose "Family Seed", then enter the Private Key from before, but add two zeros ("00") at the start. See this post for an explanation: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/36597-xumm-import-an-xrp-ledger-account-using-the-account-secret-key/?do=findComment&comment=900183


Hopefully this works for you.


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