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Hola, my friends, few thoughts I have!


1. One thought!  ( if you activate 100 or 1000 accounts (activated by an exchange; how they catch a person being a farmer?!)

2. Another Thought! (Where market cap means nothing; XWM token on XRPL, having no current 'value', only airdrop yield, having like 20/40 billion market cap?! almost like zerps marketcap?!) Here goes the market cap argument....:rolleyes:

3. Projects with completely no 'constructive' value......SaveUs....just a twitter page explaining how their coin will bring them money for expanding their charity business, (blasting 30,000 trustlines in 72 hours.....) market created, airdrop worth .5 zerp......

4. Maybe, it is a smart idea, just to start some random airdrop, give out 60% of created tokens, and become a millionaire doing ****, while keeping 40%, and pretending that you building some utility?!

5. Ultimate question/s  is/are: maybe I am a naive retard!? :sorry2:

All those questions, make me look stupid when i look in the mirror, i mean some random dudes create wealth in a matter of days with nothing but a few XRP's, and us holders for years, that grew gray hair of all the stress of tides, looking at all this **** and and are told by some fru1t p1es ( legitimate companies) like vega b0nd, that we are not honest enough for their bread crumbs......


F@ck Me! This is the Wild West!  WE become something, or we stay Virgin!



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IMO most of them are fundraising and securities in some jurisdictions. It's one or two leads guys and/or a bigger group that's promising some kind of future product that their token somehow "plugs into" in some way. The rest are just memes, but which again, are fundraising efforts (for the creators).

Same goes for the NFTs. You have a small group going out creating mostly crappy JPEGs that can be copied for free anyway, then selling you an "NFT" (ledger entry) tangentially related to it pretending it's a "product" (because then you don't have to promise future ventures/value). Again, to me it just seems like enrichment/fundraising that skirts the traditional regulations on a technicality. We need to bring regulations in line – some countries are pretty far ahead on this.  

But in general this sketchy fundraising is why I think airdrops are "safer" as we move into an internationally more strictly regulated crypto future. With an airdrop no one is pledging their hard earned value (even indirectly via "secondary markets") by buying the tokens or "NFTs" ahead of time in return for the promise of future value production and thus price appreciation through that other's efforts. 

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