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DPP Decision: Ripple's motion is GRANTED in part


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1 hour ago, musclehog said:

Hmmmmmm this one feels weird. I definitely feel like this was the difference between a 20 million dollar settlement and 100 million dollar settlement.

Eventually someone is going to fold. We just don’t know who it is going to be. 

Lemon Mule,

the fair notice defense.... that's the big one, right?

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My reading:  This judge is being quite sly.  She is giving Ripple just what they need at the same time as being careful to not make this case a precedent that takes away the privacy of regulators who want to discuss options freely within their organisations.  She is also indicating to SEC that she is siding with Ripple on the Fair Notice defence, so that SEC knows it must move to settlement before reaching the Courts.

The bad news is that both sides are deeply entrenched and this could still go on for months.  I don't think Gensler is a practical man who listens to others or colleagues, other than to his bosses and career carers.  I think he is quite loopy.

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Depending on how conspiratorial you want to get, this could very well be the ultimate bait and switch. Hinman's speech being ruled  "not the official SEC stance and just his opinion" could set the stage to pull the rug out from under Ethereum and maybe even Bitcoin. Pair this with the case resolving in a favorable way for XRP... and it could be the ultimate double dip against the average retail investor.

Food for thought from crazy town... maybe...

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