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Moonbeam going live if they win the Polkadot auction - its debut was wild

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Here's an interesting new token (see chart at link below)

What sets this one apart, is the fact this is the "real" one, meant to run on the REAL-net, not the test-net its "companion" token (MOVR) which proceeded it (trading for real money) on the Polkadot canary network (the beta test-only platform). 
This all is a complex topic for many to follow, most people don't even know what a "Canary Network" is !
Now it gets worse:  the deployment is dependent on winning an auction : 
"The launch of the network is dependent on the start of the Polkadot parachain auctions which have not yet been announced" 
But when you deep dive into its tech, it's impressive af, and now - cuz of MOVR - has been fully tested ready for Production/Enterprise level uses. 
 And it is completely compatible with everything on Ethereum,  
( PLUS more capabilities, and fast, and cheap, etc. )
At the chart, I clicked on "ALL" 
Note it's only two days old - also note the volume of those two days 

( image below just now taken from CMC ) 

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