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Mickey B Fresh covers the case


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I watched this.  They have a plausible theory that the setlement will come in bits, and be sorted incrementally, not all at once.

Very strong point was that Ripple had an arrangement with Fincen (I think that is the name) that XRP was recognised as a currency, and this should have protected them rom SEC, but the SEC ignored the agreements.  Once bitten, twice shy, Ripple will want a Court order recognising XRP.  Vague language in an out of court SEC settlement will not be enough for ripple? Ripple will want unambiguous clarity in legal language, but this will not stop SEC/Ripple first settling the Deaton half about retail trading of XRP in secondary markets which will allow exchanges to relist.

Gensler has boxed himself in, but sometimes attacking obstinate people makes them more obdurate.  This might have happened, but in any case SEC are being crushed between a rock and a hard place and have less and less options or ways to keep their control over the crypto market intact.  This case threatens everything.

The "free ETH pass" (terminology invented by XRP army) has been adopted by all sides.  This is very significant because when terminology is adopted like this it indicates where the initiative comes from.  In this case The XRP army are chosing the language of the public debate.   The water is getting hotter and hotter for the ETH foundation too.  The biggest crack is the disguised pre-selling of ETH1 to super whales like JPMorgan and Lubin with no public audit of holdings and distribution.  It seems to be getting rapidly worse for ETH Foundation since they were obviously going to very great lengths to pull the wool over the eyes of their own investors

The Eth community themselves are beginning to question whether they are being duped by Lubin

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Worst case scenario according to John Deaton, thanks to CryptoEri.

Interesting point at 5:30 when John mentions a Connecticut trial that took place two months ago in which the jury found against the SEC that that particular digital asset was NOT a security.


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