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ripple community, need help. wanna know how to find out what derivation path was used for my xrp address


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Could you please tell me how to know  what derivation path (m/44'/144'/0'/0/ or other derivation path) was used to generate my old xrp address

if I can know that ,  that should serve a lot to

find my xrp address on https://iancoleman.io/bip39/.


Is there any website to to find out what derivation path used my xrp address?


I'd really appreciate it if you could help me.


(my problem is as follows: 

I bought ledger nano s 3 or 4 years ago.

I have some xrp in my ledger nano but yesterday when  I put my pin code of ledger nano s(I have a 24-word list) to access ledger live

and saw my deposit of xrp but couldn't send it out due to an error. 

SO I reset my ledger nano live , but after  that even though  I connected my pin code 

my old wallet of xrp doesn't show up (I've already reset my ledger nano s using my 24 word recovery phrase, updated my ledger  live and downloaded the latest version of xrp wallet on ledger  live)

I tried adding a xrp wallet on ledger live but I can add a totally new one but my old one cannot show as an option to add on ledger live.

In my case my balance doesn't show 0 but the thing is my original xrp wallet doesn't show up on ledger live.

I don't know why  my old xrp wallet doesn't show up. So I decided to access my wallet through finding out the private key of my wallet without using ledger nano s.)

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