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SEC files a strike


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  • Fambam4093 changed the title to SEC files a strike

As much as the strike for "fair notice" provides precendence for cases concerning stocks does it provide precendence for digital assets? The issue as I see it for the SEC is the lack of clarity regarding what a digital asset is and how does the law itself classify such an asset class. Penny stocks are that penny stocks, they have a history and precendence set over the years. Digital Assets have near zero precedence and the precise legal definition of what they are still do not exists.

As much as this is a precedence for penny stocks which represents a company, like for like when it is compared to any digital asset like xrp, btc, eth, ltc, and so on? Its like saying my dog is black, and a black bear is black, and therefore dogs and bears are the same animal.

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XRP down 80 percent since the all time high. The SEC hasn't protected retail. I hope the judges end this garbage case once and for all. Gary Gensler has done nothing to provide clarity. Nothing. 

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11 hours ago, JASCoder said:

Well, he did once giggle on his homecam about how perfectly clear it all actually is. 

So, there's that.

I remember this. I felt so offended. What an imbecile for not caring about the over 60,000 people this has affected negatively. His true leadership capacity was evident that day.

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