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31 minutes ago, RussianStandards said:

Felt hot for at least 6 months now, scared nothing will come of it though, brushed under the carpet I bet. 

It’s going to be infuriating is so. I want justice for XRP and justice against the whole ETH free pass shenanigan.

This is now a brawl and WE are only a small part of this fight, the truth doesn't matter to the corrupt, but if John Deaton gets this into a courtroom then heads will roll. Ripple are not just some little company with no friends or power, they are a global goliath looking to put a dent in the universe, that's why this is not going to go away.

Some at the SEC are obviously very corrupt and have abused their positions, in an attempt to create a monopoly for ETH and BTC, this is why larger entities may step in and find those involved guilty as charged so to speak. The problem for those involved in this quagmire, is they have underestimated, John Deaton and the XRP army, en-mass and how their entire web of lies and BS is on record.

I'm hoping Jeremy Hogan is right and justice will be served up the right way.


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I was particularly shocked at the admission that Erthereum is not only a beta product from the perspective of the founder, but now it is both incomplete and will not be complete for years - suggesting a common enterprise is still required and ETH is therefore a security, regardless of the decentralization standards that the SEC pretends to aply to it in order to legitimize it.

New standards for digital fundraising efforts must be established. Saying every token is like a stock - particularly when a company also sells stock equity - is willful ignorance.

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LOL. I was going to change to correct the spelling, but Earthereum is probably how these folks view it.
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