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Send xrp without passphrase, Restored wallet with backup codes


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I have restored the wallet with backup codes. Do not know what it is called but it contains a lot of text. I can see my wallet and how much I have, but when I try to send it to another wallet, it wants a password that I do not have. The wallet was created around 2017. I do not remember the password, pin, etc, etc. can I reset the password with the backup I have if yes, how do I do it?


If I'm out of luck then so be it. I could not figure out how it works or what to save back then. I only did a backup 2017 and forgot the wallet until now

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Your question is very vague, you haven't given any details that helps us identify which wallet software you're using. They all use different ways to restore backups. You could send a redacted screenshot if you don't know the name of the wallet. Also it might help to tell us the format of the backup codes, e.g. how many "words" is the backup code broken into/are they real words or random text/how long is it...

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