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1 hour ago, Sonny2019 said:

Hi I have imported 1679 xrp to Toast wallet from paper wallet then got to know that its no longer working but I can see only 13xrp in toast wallet. Is there any way I can recover them back Thank you

Where did you get the toast wallet from. Was it an old copy that you had downloaded a while ago? If you downloaded something recently, it was probably a scam wallet. And they stole your funds.

If you didn't send your XRP anywhere, but just imported your paper wallet into a real version of Toast, you can take your paper wallet and import it into XUMM and have still access to your funds.

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Do you mind sharing your public address so I can look and see what happened? If there was a transaction where the coins were sent out of your wallet, they're probably gone.

You should report it to XRP Forensics and your local police (who won't help but at least you'll have a police report) and if you got that app from an app store you should report it as a scam to the app store. Your XRP is probably gone for good, but every once in a while XRP Forensics is able to track funds down and help you get them back - for example if the crooks send the XRP to an exchange XRP Forensics can sometimes get the exchange to freeze the account and return the XRP. But unfortunately those types of happy results are the exception.

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