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Best way for Toast/ Xumm wallet connect to token-connect to show the last snapshot


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Hi there! I have an old Toast wallet already import that into XUMM wallet and by FLARE network support advised to connect Token connect for the Airdrop send process, due to I miss the deadline of registration but still in claimable. Now what I need to do is connect to the token connect to show the last snapshot to them if I am eligible.

The Problem is, when I connect Xumm wallet to token connect, that is limited for only accept mnemonic phrase (12 words seperated by a single spaces), Keystore Json and HEX private key details fill in for XUMM wallet connection. unfortunately Toast wallet only have a passphase, family seed (s...), and also account secret which can not fulfill the requirement. Is there any best way to convert the family seed for HEX private key? or another short cut could get the fast track to end goal?

I observe there are some offline SHA256 Generator Tool. Is that possible to convert family seed to private key as well?

I have all the information below:

family seed (s...)
Recovery Phrase
Pass Phrase

xrptool show flare address and message key ok

xrpscan show flare address NOT REGISTERED

Many Thanks!

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Report it to XRP Forensics and your local police (who probably won't do anything, but you'll have a police report).

Sorry, I was sleeping when you posted. Anyone asking for your secret key, recovery phrase, etc. is a scam. The only reason to use those if you're importing your address into new wallet software.

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