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Ripple Van Winkle - BOMBSHELL DROPPED! SEC lawyer makes official statement on Ethereum and Bitcoin


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It's all positive, but didn't we already know what Gasparora, sorry Gasparino is saying there? I'm not sure where I read it, but there was an article in which the SEC stated it hadn't said anything officially about BTC en ETH. It seems Gasporina only discovered that recently.

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Well, it seems old Billy Henchman thought ETH wasn't a security, but he only worked at the SEC as head, of the corporate finance division, so everyone else should know better than him?

Fair notice, ETH is, ETH isn't a security, who knows, the SEC is not only a bunch of idiots acting in a corrupt manner, the fact is, BH went on TV and made his speech and not one person or announcement by the SEC came out at the time to correct his so-called mistake, WHY!

It's obviously a case for Sherlock Holmes, not really, Hester Pearce even pointed out on video, that people should look at BH's speech as SEC guidance. This is because, even she thought at the time, that was the SEC's stance when it came to crypto. So now here comes GG, it's all very clear and always has been, even though in one of his lectures in 2018, he said the market needs more regularity clarity?

When you see this kind of BS from a regulatory agency, with its officials having this many conflicts of interest, then it seems that this agency is not fit for purpose. This level of corruption and unprofessionalism by an agency funded at least in part by taxpayers, needs to be addressed via a public investigation, into gross misconduct.

So-called investor protection, via random suing of crypto companies and potentially individuals, without fair notice, is a criminal scam. Enforcement carried out this way, by an agency this conflicted and corrupt, is indeed a market regulator picking winners and losers, who benefits from all this?

The $ is the biggest asset America has, and it's protection as the global reserve currency is also what's in play here. There are many strings and players involved in this, so who knows how this plays out, but for sure, the world is going fintech and digital, the real question is, how long can these kinds of stall tactics prevent the inevitable!


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