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Empower Oversight pile the pressure on Gensler with further FOIA requests


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Empower Oversight are an independent organisation that have been become interested in the corruption unearthed in the Ripple/XRP V SEC case.  This means many documents that might be protected and sealed in the Court case (and forever remained hidden) might eventually get opened and made available for public scrutiny by EO.  EO are specialists in this sort of detective work and Deaton tells us the reasonable way they have phrased their requests make it hard for the Courts to refuse.  SEC so far have refused to pass over the documents to EO.

Deaton has also filed his own FOIA requests

What is obtainable does to some degree depend on the purpose and status of the requestor. For instance what Ripple ask for is circumscribed by the scope of the case SEC brought against them. 

I have not looked at the documents.  I guess the twitter feed might give you a heads start into what is being asked for.

Oh to be a fly on the wall inside SEC's offices, they must be scurrying around like rats looking for lifeboats on a sinking ship.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/fh3zkktqj2w9g3q/Empower Oversight v. SEC FOIA Complaint.pdf?dl=0


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On the bottom of this page, they have a link for a form to provide first-hand information for this case: https://empowr.us/empower-oversight-sues-sec-for-access-to-foia-documents-amid-crypto-conflict-of-interest-concerns/.

I submitted my situation to them where SEC's legal team used DPP to prevent requested information being sent to SEC FOIA (to be shared with public like on my request). I believe others in this community previously mentioned they ran into similar situations when submitting request to SEC FOIA for details related to XRP security status.

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  • Julian_Williams changed the title to Empower Oversight pile the pressure on Gensler with further FOIA requests

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