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3 hours ago, zooband said:


When the SGB snapshot happens here at 7pm on the 12/12/2021, will it be instant ? I ask this as I also have Vagabond but it took 1 day for them to put up a message stating everyone had been accounted for !

The snapshot will be a few seconds. They choose one particular block on the ledger and whatever everyone's balances are for that block, that's what they use.

How certain do you want to be? If you want to be absolutely sure, you should wait for an announcement from Flare Finance. If you want to assume they did in fact use the block at the exact specified time, you can move your funds immediately afterwards.

What's your rush, if you don't mind me asking?

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10 hours ago, brianwalden said:

What's your rush, if you don't mind me asking?

it would be to sell sgb at its highest price either to tether or directly to xrp to be  ready for next snapshot.

what are you doing when it hits 7pm Sunday night ?


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Also once the snapshot is taken would you not except the price of sgb to plummet and maybe even xrp rise ?

when I read through the songbird page it said “the snapshot will be taken at 7pm UTC. at this time , ALL holders of $SGB AND $WSGB will receive ExFi Token” 

I have 118k sgb and I don’t want to lose money. :biggrin:

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I expect the dump to start before the snapshot. If you're trying to sell the peak and buy the dip you might want to consider selling before the snapshot, buying back in afterwards, and using your profits to buy however much ExFi you want on the open market.

I'm terrible at timing the market. I'm not saying this is what you should do, especially since I have no idea how to price ExFi; it's just my best guess at what will happen. Personally I'm in this long so I'm just staying put.

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