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Etherium launched Dogecoin. A coin that was inspired by Dogecoin launched on the XRP. The first meme coin created XRDoge. I and along with my friends were are able to create: 

XRShibaInu, XRSamoyedcoin, XRSafemoonInu, XRAkitaInu, XRFlokiInu, XRSaitamaInu, XRClassicDoge, XRDogeKiller, XRShihTzu, XRKishuInu, XRDogelonMars, XRBabyDogeCoin, XRTheDogeNFT, XRMonaCoin, XRKangal, XRBabyDoge, XRZombieInu, XRSharPei, XRWoof, XRHuskyAvax, XRDogeZilla and XRDoggy


All the latter are famous meme coins on Etherium. Not only were able to create them, but also were able to obtain domain names, Bithomp names and domain names, including twitter handles


We were also able to get the XTokens for each i.e. XRShibaInu and XShibaInu

We were also able to get the XRP Tokens for each i.e. XRShibaInu and XShibaInu


It is possible to create NFTs in the new market place with these tokens.....




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