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Deletion Of XRP account from ledger nano s


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So I've got all the steps down, right until I sign in on https://www.xrptoolkit.com/

Account<Properties<Delete Account

I am sending my remaining balance to CB, off my ledger, but when I connect it says


Transaction submission is slow

Your transaction may have failed. If you want, you can submit a new transaction instead.


The preliminary result was:

Held until escalated fee drops.

Why is the status uncertain?


eventually failing, and saying eld until escalated fee drops, should I turn off my antivirus?


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Nothing to do with Antivirus, please leave that on!

There are fee escalation problems with XRP at the moment. If XRP Toolkit can't handle it, then you'll need to wait until the problems are fixed, or find a wallet that can deal with it. It's a global problem. Xumm can handle it, but maybe can't do account deletions. Maybe https://xumm.community/ will work alongside Xumm in this case, I'm not sure.

However, maybe a blessing in disguise; be aware that many exchanges will not recognise XRP account deletion transactions, and if you send the remaining balance to an exchange (like Coinbase) you may find that it never appears in your Coinbase account. You should research whether Coinbase accepts AccountDelete transactions as deposits, or risk losing your last XRP.

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