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Russia deeply into testing Ripple/ODL for cross border payments


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US politicians have their heads so far up their collective arsses until you would literally have to shine light down their throats for them to see it!! China & Russia are going to strike while the irons hot on getting a leg up.  While we twiddle our thumbs and **** and moan and try to pick winners these countries will let the technology dictate the winner.  China may have their digital yuan but you bet your ascot when it comes to cross border transactions they will use a DL type technology and a digital asset.  The race isn't to have the next reserve currency because if you have a DA in the middle of it all who needs a world reserve currency when you can exchange and settle in seconds.  The race is to build the roads that facilitate that exchange and the more open you are to the tech the more plentiful and pleasent your roads will be and then ask yourself whose roads will you want to travel on??? This technology will make the dollar a reserve currency in symbol only but if we don't get our ass in gear and stop with these archaic and ass backward policies this technology will make the dollar a footnote in history!!

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This country did the exact same thing with the American Auto Industry they let the Japanese and others out innovate them and we never clearly ceased back the number one spot.  Here are the top 4 for 2021.  Politics and Greed the same thing were seeing in this mess we have here now.  History does repeat itself if anything can be learned from this but also we should have also learned that Greed and Politics will never stop progress and innovation it will just overtake you from the outside if it can't work with you from the inside!! By the way those numbers are worldwide sales.


1 ToyotaJapan 10,466,051

2 Volkswagen Group Germany 10,382,334

3 Hyundai / KiaSouth Korea 7,218,391

4 General Motors (with SAIC-GM-Wuling)United States (China)6,856,880 (9,027,658

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46 minutes ago, joe91 said:

a nuclear option?! people lost their brains or something!?

Yes people have lost their minds, or never had one to begin with. The problem is they don't know it.

As stated by another member russia has been looking to de-dollarize their economy for a long time. They have this neighbor china, who is moving into a reserve currency position by default of poor economic leadership on the U.S. side, along with the weaponization of the dollar itself.

   U.S. arrogance stems from being on top for so long that they believe they are number one and therefore have taken things for granted. It is unfortunate, but now the weaknesses are prevalent.

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10 minutes ago, peanut56 said:

The problem is they don't know it.

This is the scary part. 

10 minutes ago, peanut56 said:

It is unfortunate, but now the weaknesses are prevalent.

...and seemingly insurmountable at this point. They've put us at war with ourselves over no single, dominant issue in particular. We're just so disagreeable as a society that we're headed towards civil war because of it (people can call me crazy). It's either this or they'll find a way to galvanize us in a non-lethal, new cold war of sorts against China. 

If they can't figure out how to deliver that message, then it's already over. 

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