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Are airdrops safe? Is their some kind of conspiracy behind them?


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So I'm trying to look into the air drops and considering doing the SOLO and Flare airdrops.  They don't seem that hard.


BUT what chance is there that these things are some sort of conspiracy against XRP holders?  I think that XRP along with XLM, XDC and the few other ISO-20022 coins will be used SOON in the new financial system when ISO launches.  Honestly I am in it to be a part of this "wealth transfer", but the whole thing stinks of rotting "globalist".  The WEF says they plan to use XRP or XDC to make cross border payments instead of swift.  That is also what ISO-20022 does with its banking compliance standards.  

SO, how could any or all of these air drops suck all of our XRP from us or ISO coins?  I don't think that the globalists want us to have these assets when the financial system launches, hence I am a bit weary of receiving a free "cookie" at the expense of my soon to be fortune.

I understand that this make me seem out there, so if you are one who has never questioned the dollar or the vaccine, or the voting system that is shown destroyed by the fact that the current "fake" president won by theft, or anything that would make you a "Sheeple" then no point in even replying, because I don't speak "bah".  

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There is no known way of "sucking" all your XRP out of your XRPL wallet. Maybe in a custodial (non-XRPL based) wallet, if the company pulls the rug, but that's the same obvious scam as goes for any coin/asset. 

The only bug that was ever able to exploit funds that I know of, was/is the 'No Ripple' flag issue. But you likely wouldn't even know how (no offence, but it's a bit technical) to go about toggling on/off a ledger object, let alone be unlucky enough to then have the one in a million setups and combinations of assets required to enable someone to swap out some funds, and even then, it would not affect XRP, only one of your issuances (e.g. airdrops, tokens, etc).

EDIT: Basically: relax, it's all good. Funds safu! 



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