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XRP Withdrawals from Binance.us


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 I have delisted XRP in Binance.us. I am having difficulty getting the XRP transferred to my XUMM wallet. The only network that is available is a BEP2 Network. When I add my recipient address, it tells me that the address is not a valid BEP2 address. The XRP Network is frozen and can not be activated for a withdrawal. I don't know if Binance.us is going to accept the SOLO Airdrop. I am trying to align my XRP with my XRPL address to take part in the Airdrop. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the withdrawal process? Thank you, Rick.

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I am having the same problem. I haven't been able to withdraw Xrp from Binance.us for 9 days now. 

From my understanding, Bep2 is the Binance chain. So it can only send to wallets in the Binance chain. Also, sending on Bep2, if possible, requires Bnb to pay the fees. But from what I understand it ends up being a Bep2-Xrp and stuck within the system and no longer is on the Xrpl ledger. Then it has to be traded for a withdrawable asset like Bnb after conversion. I have seen a couple people say they tried it and still had problems though.

I hope someone can help us figure it out if at all possible. This is horrible.   

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