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Charting the course of NOIA

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So for the last month NOIA has been down treading.  They recently announced staking which is good, so slowly more tokens are going out of circulation. 

The CEO has said that the first partner will be going LIVE December using the Syntropy Network, so they are moving in to having customers actually using the product and not just speculation. 

As NOIA is only on a few exchange it can pump very easy. http://KuCoin.comhttp://Uniswap.com, and  https://www.bancor.network

NOIA is following a Polkadot model and has an Ethereum style use case. NOIA tokens are used and bought by customers to get a better and faster internet connections. 

SyntropyNet is all about reducing latency. In the last AMA one of the founders, William B. Norton said they have a gaming customer that they helped. By using SyntropyNet they was able to avoid an outage. 

The team has also applied to Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and others.  



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NOIA had a little bounce from $0.33 to $0.35

The market looks to be turning around. Yesterday team said in telegram

'They are working on strategic partnerships with key opinion leaders from LATAM / Middle East, etc. Looking for ways to tap into Asian audiences too. ' also 'They have several PR partners which will help in the future with spreading the announcements to serious media outlets. '


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Syntropy is an innovative project that uses smart-routing technology to increase internet connection speeds tenfold. All connections are encrypted by default, with no extra hardware required. The $NOIA utility token, available on Kucoin, grants access to the network.

When connected to the Syntropy Network, users can access a faster and more reliable internet connection, with encryption by default. Syntropy’s software stack runs directly on top of the public internet, so no new hardware is needed. This makes deployment easier and faster.

The network is completely open, allowing anyone to build applications on top of it, similar to the $Eth network.

is the first application built on top of the Syntropy Network. This application targets the network’s largest potential use case: large enterprises. Syntropy Platform allows businesses to deploy thousands of endpoints instantly on the network, creating a quick-demand use case.

Long term, Syntropynet has the potential to absorb a significant percentage of internet demand, from both businesses and everyday internet users.

Any end-point, server, router or device can be instantly connected through a private encrypted network that automatically routes traffic along the lowest-latency one-way path globally and drops all but authenticated traffic.

This technology can speed up internet connections more than tenfold and significantly improve security, privacy and reliability. It operates on top of the public internet while having support from a globally dispersed network of data centers and community nodes.

Syntropy provides access to the network via a web-based platform. Use cases vary from enabling SaaS global scalability to large enterprises with private networks and spans multiple industries, such as telecom, 5G, IoT, SD-WAN and VPN.

The Syntropy Network is the infrastructure that provides the smart routing of internet traffic. Its proprietary Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) offers a global understanding of the internet’s performance

The Syntropy Platform is the first product built on the Syntropy Network. This self-service platform enables teams to create and manage secure connections between all their endpoints.

The platform is open to all, but anyone can build tools that integrate with the network through the NOIA token, paving the way for additional consumer-focused products.

Users pay with USD or NOIA tokens to access the Syntropy Network. All payments directly translate into token demand via an exchange gateway. This makes Syntropy accessible to all users, traditional or crypto, while ensuring the token is an irreplaceable for using the network.

The Syntropy team is a mix of network engineering and internet peering specialists with other members experienced in startups, sales, marketing and business development. The tech team consists of 30+ software engineers and data scientists who support software development



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$NOIA recovers the bullish trendline after a momentum after breaking above the 200 EMA.

The RSI is still in compression and apparently it will continue to do so. If everything continues like this at Christmas or before we will have a break, if the market trend continues to rise. Be Ready


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