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Airdrops for the XRP holders (update)


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Vagabond requires a trustline and confirmation (registration) on their site! They look to be very strict about trustline farmers/bots.....I guess site registration is now closed, they announced it few days ago! People can still set up a trustline; but if registrations are closed?! I would guess DYOR !!! :this:

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Vagabond airdrop is first come, first served.  In order to be eligible for the airdrop, one must fill the form as said. But the form is now closed, so I guess their 20,000,000 limit has been reached.

For the ones who have successfully filed the form below. You can go here 


And check if you have been successfully registered for the air drop.

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Still no sign of SGB distribution on Bitstamp and only a week until snapshot (Dec. 12th) for ExFi airdrop. My assumption was the original ExFi snapshot date was postponed to enable more time for distribution of SGB tokens by exchanges or is this incorrect ? It seems to be taking a long time to get the technical solution in place? The airdrop was 16th September. They committed to distribution on the 17th.

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A quick email to Bitstamp today got a very swift reply.

It would be nice to know I don’t have to play around with my SGB to make sure I get the ExFi drop but hopefully that becomes clearer in the next few days.


‘Dear             ,

thank you for reaching out.

We are glad hear about your satisfaction related to the SGB distributing.

Regarding the EXFI airdrop, rest assured we will conduct our due diligence on the matter and comment when we have reached a decision.

I would kindly suggest you keep an eye on our blog for any updates in future: [https://blog.bitstamp.net/]

Should you have any other questions, I remain available.’

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