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SGB to be integrated into Panther Protocol


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From the blog:

Songbird will integrate Panther’s Shielded Pools into its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to enable on-chain privacy for its users. Our team will deploy Panther’s privacy-preserving infrastructure on Songbird for code testing.

Thanks to these efforts, Panther users will be able to benefit from private transactions over Songbird. We expect this, in turn, to also dramatically increase the user base and TVL potential of Panther’s Shielded Pools.

Songbird users will be included in Panther’s staking and governance. They’ll also be able to benefit from private DeFi within the network, access selective disclosures both for retail users and institutions, and enjoy early access to Panther’s KYC/AML zero-knowledge solution on Songbird’s Institutional side.


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