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Tax Reporting & recovering actual transaction records from an XRPL account


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Hi all,

I am trying to generate a log of all prior trading activity from my XRPL account, for the purposes of tax reporting.


I've fetched all Txns from the history server and there's some combination of "Payment", "OfferCreate" and "OfferCancel".

Strangely, the amount of Payment and OfferCancel is far less than OfferCreates.


Does it say if and to what extent an order created by OfferCreate has been actually fulfilled? 


There are many more payment txns than I have ever actually moved into or out of my account. I imagine most of these are due to "rippling". Some of them have insanely complicated metadata. Is there a simple way to track all trading of assets (e.g. N XRP for M USD.Bitstamp), that was actually executed, not what the offers were originally?


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I think I understand it better now. 

When you submit a limit order it can either end up as a Payment, an OfferCreate or both. Offers can be modified by Payment or OfferCreate txns that other people create when they "take" your order.


I'm still not sure what's the best source of truth for IOU balances, but at least the XRP flow makes sense now

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