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JP Morgan admit XRP is going to the Moon


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1 hour ago, xrp_sea said:

They are not "admitting" anything. It's a prediction. JP Morgan has many financial analysts that write reports on various industries and commodities. They probably have 20 or so positive reports on Bitcoin and just as many to the contrary. This is interesting, but I wouldn't read too much into it.

Pretty much this. It’s just another PDF with some general statements. We’ve seen a million of these over the years already. 

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8 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

The reason why I find this information so compelling is that it demonstrates how far ahead XRP/ripple are of all the competition.  There are other competitors, like XLM and R3, but Ripple/Ripplenet/ODL is the technological with management package.  Ripple have the connections and trust of their partners.  This is something that cannot be reproduced by producing a similar tech and throwing a lot of money at it.

Over recent years posts have appeared by posters that fret that Ripple/XRP has been losing its lead.  This is not true, Ripple/XRP have been consolidating and developing their position and in the words of JP Morgan are "poised" to take a big slice of the cross border FX trade which is worth trillions of dollars a day.  The machine has Mass and velocity, and it is rolling forward with a momentum that will simply crush whatever Genler, ETH foundation or competitors like JPCoin try to do to slow it down.

Plus, what possible competing token could the poised banks use instead ?

Any alternative would be encumbered by lack of clarity, and threat of SEC suits  

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Yea, I wouldn't get too far ahead of the game. The only time i've ever made any money from XRP is not by holding it but by shorting it. Banks using XRP at this point in time don't appear to have any influence on price.

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