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Airdrop of MUFC tokens from Manchester United fans + IDO


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The Manchester United Fan Community hosts an airdrop campaign for MUFC tokens.
For participation in the distribution, you can earn : 10000 MUFC, and for 1 referral : 5000 MUFC.

Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot - http://t.me/MUFC_airdrop_bot?start=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027

Airdrop budget : MUFC
The distribution must be received by all participants in the airdrop.
The distribution of MUFC tokens is planned from February 4, 2022.

Social tasks for performing in the Telegram bot are easy:
- Subscribe to the Telegram channel and join the Telegram group of the community, you must leave a comment in the Telegram group.
- Follow Twitter account and retweet pinned MUFC tweet.
- Subscribe to the company's YouTube channel.
! And most importantly, you need to send the bot a BSC-compatible wallet (BEP20) with at least 0.001 BNB on its balance.

After qualified passage of all social services. tasks in the Telegram bot, after a while, an airdrop of 10000 MUFC will be sent to your wallet.

The address of the MUFC contract on the BSC network is - 0xE44946b6A075b2C99fDe1dD0c4dA4a3436211f8C.

You can also participate in the IDO of MUFC tokens.

Link to participate in IDO - https://mufctoken.io/tokensale?ref=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027

For the purchase of MUFC tokens by your referrals, you will receive 10% of the amount of their purchase.

Maximum issued tokens: MUFC

There are 3 IDO presale rounds planned:

1. Presale: MUFC at 0.00001$
(From November 3, 2021 to December 2, 2021)

2. IDO Round 1: MUFC at 0.00002$
(From 3rd developer 2021 to 2 January 2022)

3. IDO Round 2: MUFC at 0.00004$
(From January 3, 2022 to February 2, 2022)

MUFC tokens will be issued on February 4, 2022.

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1 hour ago, Alexandrd7 said:

MUFC tokens are already available on CoinMarketCap.
1 day left and 5% of the volume of MUFC tokens of the first stage of the presale at a price of 0,00001$ for 1 MUFC.
From December 3, the cost of 1 MUFC token will be 0,00002$.

Grown from a negligible shitcoin to an almost negligible shitcoin.
Airdrops.... the new greed poison  

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