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Amazon to stop accepting UK-issued Visa credit cards


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May not be XRP related but it is good for XRP and crypto in general what were about to see in these times of High Inflation is business trying to get an edge up on their competition in some way and reduced or no fee's may be that edge they need, and what asset that we all know is built for fast, secure transactions with minimal to no fee's???  Honestly if things keep going the way they are there is probably going to be a fee cutting war.  This is one reason why banks and Government officials in the pockets of some Banks are so anti defi, etc.  Their bread and butter is fee's!! but there are companies, banks out there that understand and will align with the tech and these are the companies and financial institutions that will bury the incumbents who refuse to adapt and instead utilize their political influence to disrupt.  "They will be assimilated!!"

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