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Hostage-Style Bitcoin Scam Videos Are Spreading Across Instagram

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The scam, where victims are forced to film a video of themselves to try and get their money or account back, is seemingly more widespread than previously known.

Hackers are forcing Instagram users to film hostage-style videos instructing their followers to participate in fraudulent get-rich-quick Bitcoin schemes as part of a new kind of scam that’s spreading across the Facebook-owned app.

The news follows Motherboard reporting last week on how a scammer forced one victim to film a video with the promise of getting their money back after sending the fraudster Bitcoin. After filming the video, however, the scammer broke into the victim’s Instagram account and sent the video to their friends and posted it from their profile to try and scam others. After we published the story, more Instagram users got in touch with Motherboard saying they’ve been hacked and forced to shoot similar videos, indicating the issue appears to be more widespread on the social network with victims describing personal, professional, reputational, and financial damage. Multiple victims also complained about the troublesome Instagram account recovery process and the lack of direct communication from the company.

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:D New way to bypass face recognition verifications maybe ? 
Just by reading i can think of 20 ways i can use the face from this video to go even deeper in his/her account ! 

Back in the days ( 2006 ) we were siting in a cinema with friends after watching IDIOCRACY movie :D We had a epic laugh when we were discussing how this comedy will be actually documentary after 20 years ...... 



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The only thing strange and surprising here is your post. No one on XRP Chat is surprised by a scam. There are a multitude of posts on scams here. One of the purposes of a forum is to keep people informed and the OP was simply pointing out a new scam we should be aware off.

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