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How to get more SGB on Bifrost


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Hi Team! 

Back Story

I have been searching for days... I'm trying for the life of me to figure how to get more songbird (sgb) on my Bifrost wallet. I got the airdrop no problems, and I'm delegating like most of us are. Now my issue is obtaining more sgb to delegate on my bifrost account. I tried XUMM, and you can pair up XPR/SGB but it's an IOU of gatehub... and I honestly don't want gatehub. I want to obtain as mush sgb as possible before the exfi snapshot on the DEC 12th.


  • How are you all getting more sgb, and moving it to Bifrost/Other delegating platforms? 


Thank you so much Team! XRP to the moon :) 

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4 hours ago, XrpAces said:

Hi Braulio, 

The only thing is that I'm in the United States... Is there anything else that you can think of? 

I'm in California, and have been using Bitrue for years.

Are you saying they don't let you sign up for a basic account now ? 

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2 minutes ago, GunznAmmo said:

Bitrue is fine....you just can't trade futures in the USA


Note: You can just buy your SGB at Bitrue and transfer it to any Songbird network account you wish (I do this back and forth all the time for the oracle delegations).

I'm not aware of futures markets offered by any exchange or DEX - which one are you seeking to use ?

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