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A project that I am doing to exchange crptos at 0% commision


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The other day I had an idea to reduce commissions when trading cryptos: We all know that exchanges charge fees for exchanging cryptos from one type to another, and that they usually have a minimum withdrawal. If you make transactions and conversions with large amounts of money, the commissions are reduced and can be profitable, but when you want to change a small amount of one crypto to another (example: 1$BTC to 1$BNB) the minimum withdrawal and commissions do not let you do it, basically because the commission is higher than what you are going to change. Thinking about this dilemma, I came up with an idea that requires the help of everyone, make a community that has the purpose of exchanging cryptocurrencies, for example a person exchanges 1$ of btc to another person for 1$ of bnb. I have developed a community in discord that has integrated bots that allow to make these crypto exchanges between users to facilitate the exchange process and without charging commission.

The link to discord is https://discord.gg/KHgHsHtBs3

I would appreciate it if you could send me your feedback and I would like to add you to discord to make the community bigger. Thank you


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