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50K plus injured XRP investors call for Gary Gensler’s Resignation


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Click here https://chng.it/6WrFK9RV4K to sign the petition.

Dear President Biden,

A growing Army of Movants (58K+Strong )represented by John E. Deaton Esq. Vs. the SEC of the United respectfully request that Gary Gensler, SEC Chair tender his resignation immediately. Chair Gensler is wholly unqualified and even worse , possibly conflicted.

Many ordinary Americans have chosen to invest in cryptocurrency to better our lives and our families lives . Thousands of ordinary people, many of whom may have voted for you , have witnessed their investment in XRP vanish greatly due to arbitrary and capricious litigation by an overzealous Government Agency. The simple fact that Americans were allowed to buy XRP on legal USA based exchanges for years without any SEC intervention says volumes. The SEC had years to prevent this and did nothing, they sat on their hands.

There is a very ugly story around this where the SEC decided to pick and chose winners in this space and gave a free pass to competitor ,Ethereum. There is ample evidence that SEC employees may in fact have used their office to profit from this situation. 
The community would love to see you help and you can . The USA needs fair , sensible and practical solutions to the cryptocurrency question. I know you remember well the light touch framework President Clinton established around the creation of the internet in the mid 1990s . Crypto is the internet of money and we can’t let that be stiffed by the ambitions of a rogue SEC . The answers need to come from Congress and today , not tomorrow. Gary Gensler’s departure from the SEC is a great start , please stand up for American �� innovation ��

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