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Alliance Block partners with Flare, coming to Songbird


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From the blog linked above:

Integration between AllianceBlock Bridge and Songbird

First of all, we will build this partnership by integrating Songbird, into our decentralized interoperability solution, AllianceBlock Bridge. Flare have launched a canary network because it is essential for their three protocols to be tested live within a mainnet environment powered by a utility token with scarce token supply. This phase of the partnership will establish cross-chain interoperability for both projects and networks, as well as lay the foundation for the implementation of our solutions in the near future.

Deployment of AllianceBlock DEX on Songbird

AllianceBlock DEX is solving real challenges present in existing decentralized exchanges by vastly reducing the risk of impermanent loss currently present in the industry by leveraging our newly designed automated market maker (AMM). AllianceBlock’s upcoming DEX will have a new, state-of-the-art algorithm for Single-Sided Liquidity Provisioning that will open new opportunities in DeFi and will be the foundation of DeFi 2.0. By integrating with Songbird, AllianceBlock and Flare will support cross-chain swaps and enable liquidity optimization across multiple networks.

Introduction of Fundrs MVP on Songbird

The partnership will also see Flare benefit from our decentralized peer-to-peer funding protocol, AllianceBlock Fundrs, which enables smarter investment, lending, and borrowing in the decentralized finance space. This will help to grow the thriving Flare ecosystem by attracting additional DeFi players and capital for their on-chain projects. Included are investment and lending funds, as well as launchpad funding and seed funding. The Fundrs MVP will be launched in a fully-decentralized form and a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will be built from scratch as well to oversee and manage platform governance.

Integration of AllianceBlock’s Compliance and Regulatory Framework Invites New Liquidity to Flare

By deploying AllianceBlock’s Compliance and Regulatory Layer, Flare will incorporate new services including Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS) and DEX services powered by AllianceBlock. A layer for providing single-sided liquidity on top of the AllianceBlock DEX and other DEXes will also be provided.

Together, these services will deliver a full, end-to-end decentralized financial infrastructure for users of AllianceBlock and Flare Network.

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