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[SOLVED] Hosted Wallets - Gatehub


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2 hours ago, Dxeed said:

He would not have received a secret key since it was a hosted wallet.

Your xrp aren't lost, Gatehub still has possession of them. Just keep waiting for Gatehub's response. Provide them with whatever info they require and they should be able to give it 'back' to you. Fore more info, read this excellent Gatehub article written by our very own @cmbartley : https://steemit.com/gatehub/@cmbartley/gatehub-brief-overview-of-ripple-vs-hosted-wallets

Ha, thanks. I wish I had out more time into that, it's riddled with typos. I might write a clearer updated version one day but the works days have been long lately...

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