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How to find current state of your delegated WSGB rewards


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Can anyone care to share how to input the FTSO signal provider's transaction address of where I delegated my WSGB to? I redelegated on Bifrost wallet as I could not find anything on the D'Cent wallet to do this. I am now wondering if you have to enter the provider's web address to do it on. Can anyone help me understand this redelegating process, and if you can do it directly on the D'Cent wallet or if you have to transfer the WSGB from D'Cent wallet to Bifrost wallet, then redelegate on that Bifrost wallet. 

Then if you have the urge, send to D'Cent wallet for safekeeping?? I am not sure of this process, and the last time I asked Bifrost wallet how to do this, they told me to send back to Bifrost wallet and do the redelegation there. I am not sure if I first had to unwrap them from that provider or just undelegate. Need further explanation please.

Also since i have already redelegated the WSGB to another provider, how do I find out what the rewards will be if this delegation took place on Oct.21 which was a week ago Thursday, or won't I be able to see anything until Saturday? Thanks

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