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Scam: toast dash wallet dot com


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TLDR; toast-wallet.com is a scam! 

I wanted to move my XRP to a hardware wallet but didn't have a wallet installed any more, only had a backup from toast wallet.

So I googled "Toast Wallet", and navigated to the first result.



The site liked genuine: 



And even offered a web version of the wallet, which I used. Oops. Yes very naive and very stupid. 

After restoring my backup and trying to transfer my funds all of the funds were transferred to r3XYxbCHdZjMeaWeregqDNUTg8Meskcujx

transaction: https://xrplorer.com/transaction/6471D84FF062FB298EE47ADB333A0918D3B272F5BFAD66A930653BEA51CC8965 

This seems to be the same scammer account that is mentioned here: 



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