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Can John Deton file a response...


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Twitter question

Do you think Judge Netburn already knew that thousands of #xrp holders are watching and have voices?

Jeremy Hogan

Yes, but now she knows that there are at least 50k people that really truly care.


Ok… so what’s the point of official amicus status of our opinions are excluded officially in briefs

Jeremy Hogan

What really matters is the briefing for summary judgment. THAT'S the important one.

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2 hours ago, JASCoder said:

The two points that struck me: one, NOT connecting XRP holders to Ripple's own plight - which is actually a fact, but counter productive to winning Ripple case; two, reiterating to the judges the point that the SEC is HARMING American investors, treating us as disposable tools, incidental collateral damage to the SEC's malicious actions - sacrificing us solely as a pressure tactic against Ripple, using us as hapless pawns. 

The thing I like to remember about the class that's forming is that it wouldn't necessarily be 'XRP Holders vs SEC'.

There's already precedent in this shitshow of a case for going after people personally.  I'd be much more inclined, circumstances arising that justify it, to go after the people who orchestrated SEC to do things for their own ends.

(Just tuck that away in your back pocket, if things don't go the way they rightfully should, wrt XRP being cleared.)


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1 hour ago, Alluvial said:

IMO, this request by John Deaton to file a brief regarding discovery deadlines should not have been filed.  The court will look at this negatively, and it may, as a result, cause future briefings by Deaton as "friend of the court" to be given slightly less weight and seriousness.  I am not surprised at all that the court denied Deaton's request, and I can imagine there was some eye rolling when it was filed - by the court, its legal staff and counsel for both Ripple and the SEC.  I know our friend wants to get in there and represent us, and for that we are all very grateful.  But this was a somewhat ill-advised move.  And our friend Jeremy Hogan, who is close to John Deaton, is trying to be supportive; but my guess is he would not have filed this request.  But even so, and all things considered, it's not a really big deal.  

You are definitely the expert on these topics. I only state my biased opinion here, but I feel John Deaton's rolling of the dice here was a good thing. What Deaton is doing is something that a prudent, cautious and selective litigation lawyer would not do. BUT, that's not what we need. We need a madman. We need a lawyer who is bent on justice and willing to do what is necessary to get public opinion and the media to shine a light on what is happening. 

We need someone to point out to the judge that people even committed suicide after what the SEC did, and the SEC was warned this would have a negative impact on retail. They did not care. The judges now have the same choice. Deaton's letter tells them 50k and counting are waiting to see if they will differ in action and moral responsibility. 

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