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Emergency: Any way to reverse a transaction from Ledger Nano X


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I am stupid. Received an email from what appeared to be Ripple stating they were releasing 5 billion XRP for a Community Incentive Program to help with the SEC, and current world events basically.  Connected my Nano X and REGISTERED and in dropped 12200 down to 21 in my account.  How can i reverse that? How can I report it? I lost everything.  I lost my job yesterday and now this. Can anyone help me please?

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I'm really sorry, but no, transactions can never be reversed.

You should report it here: https://xrplorer.com/forensics/help, and also to your local law enforcement, and that may give you a very small chance in the distant future of recovering some money (please read everything at that link). However, please be aware that it is very unlikely that you will get anything back.

Perhaps also consider your local tax laws and see if you may be able to get some tax relief elsewhere as a result of these stolen assets?

I'm really sorry for your situation, I hope you can hold your head up and push through it. These scammers are scum and so many people get hit by them, you're not alone.

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10 hours ago, aleibenguth said:

Can anyone help me please?

It really sucks in this case but no, once done,  a transaction is final and irreversible.

I wish there was a way to advise the next victim before they become one…. but sadly there is not.  May these scammers rot in hell.

Dont be too hard on yourself though, these scum are very cunning and make it look plausible.  You are not the first person to be taken in by them and their ilk and unfortunately will not be the last.


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