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Songbird tokens not showing up


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49 minutes ago, Xrpcrashdummy said:

I can see in xrp scan they are there however I have not received them.

XRPscan looks at the XRP ledger and advises how many you have claimed.

To actually see them you need to look at the Songbird network.  

Put your Eth-compatible Songbird address into the Songbird explorer to see if they are there as expected.

Replace the ‘X’ I have placed in the Search box with your own Songbird address.



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1 hour ago, Xrpcrashdummy said:

Okay thanks, did that came back with zero tokens. Why is that? My older brother did the same setup on Metamask connection to Ledger live using Ledger nano and he got his and I didn't.  Am I missing something?

Well that doesn’t sound good.  If you had made a successful claim they should be there.

If they are not, then either the claim was not successful for some reason,  eg bad address format or done after snapshot, or they have been distributed and then moved.

So moved can only happen if someone gets a hold of your keys.  Unlikely but possible.

If there are transactions on there then you need to look at them and see what happened.

If there are no transactions and a zero balance,  then you were not air dropped for some reason as mentioned above.

Cant think of anything I can suggest other than look for trans.


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